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Specialized machinery transportation systems

To guarantee the safety of your machinery, we at APM offer you a modern fleet of vehicles and specialist machinery and equipment to lift and move the heavy machinery. Whether the transportation needed is for a short distance as a part of an internal machine movement project or relocating hundreds of miles to another site, we offer you numerous reliable transportation options.

Our approach begins with a site inspection to ascertain the project requirements and to assess if any special pieces of equipment or vehicles are required. We ensure that the heavy machinery is lifted and transported safely and in accordance with health and safety legislation.

Auxilink Projects

Our transportation services include:

Transportation of any machinery to and from any location

Organizing and handling relevant documentation

A modern fleet of transport vehicles 

Specialized machinery and equipment

Installation services carried out by trained mechanical and electrical personnel

Out of hours work schedule if required

Professional packaging services to protect high-value machinery

Forklift trucks that can lift and carry heavy machines

Hydraulic jacking systems