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Unparalleled factory relocation services

Quite often the changes in the manufacturing demand result in the need to relocate heavy machinery. The need could be a partial or complete relocation or closure which requires a great deal of sensitivity and time-bound results.

The factory relocation projects undertaken by APM have been carried out successfully owing to the experienced team, the versatile heavy machine lifting options, and technical lifting procedures.

Any production line or assembly line changes, machine removal, or plant relocations are a major concern as they can cause disruption in the normal functioning of the plant. To minimize the downtime during the relocation process, our team will plan accordingly and ensure the smooth functioning of the project is accurately planned, we reference your layout drawing and will provide you with a schedule chart, detailing the scope of our machinery removal process. This will help in providing clarity on each phase of the project will progress.

Our process starts with an in-depth discussion to understand your project followed by a site visit to carry out the comprehensive risk assessment. Hence every detail of the project is managed, planned, and analyzed, and safely and timely execution of the project is carried out. where ever required, our team will operate out of hours and on weekends to ensure that the deadline of each phase is met.

Auxilink Projects

Our comprehensive service includes:

Dedicated project manager

Health and safety documents

Regular site visits to assess project requirements

Health and safety management

Dedicated project manager

Match marking

Machinery location for transportation

Machinery transportation to site

Floor preparation including core drilling

Offloading and positioning

Aligning and leveling reconnection of main services