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Comprehensive new machinery installation solutions

Whenever a customer invests in new machinery, he is looking for an expert to transport and install it. Here is where APM comes into play. You can trust us for arranging the safe delivery and installation of any kind of industrial equipment within a production facility.

As heavy machinery moving specialists, we have an excellent track record of successful machine transportation, heavy lifting, and installation services. We can proudly say that manufacturers across the varied sectors have shown their faith in us and we have provided full-proof solutions to all their concerns. Our vast experience of equipment installation and capability of providing turnkey solutions ensures the projects are executed smoothly, efficiently, timely, and within the budget.


Our services include:

A dedicated project manager

Removal and decommissioning of existing machinery

Match marking

Machine moving including loading and offloading 


Floor preparation including cor drilling

Positioning and bolting down

Mechanical and electrical engineering services

Alignment and leveling

Testing prior to commissioning